The Michael Zemanek 

Memorial Foundation, Inc.


In 2015, the Michael Zemanek Memorial Foundation, Inc.:

  • Gifted $2,722.50 to the children of Trooper Kyle Young who passed away during a training exercise.
  • Gifted $2,900 to the Vermont Police Academy for a rifle simulator program to train all VT LEOs.
  • Gifted $1,250 to the immediate family of the Barre City Police Officer who lost his battle with cancer.

​Total gift distributions for 2015 was $6,872.50.

In 2016, the Michael Zemanek Memorial Foundation, Inc.:

  • Gifted a total of $2,982.60 to the Brattleboro Retreat for lodging to assist a Vermont police officer(s) for care.
  • ​Gifted $1,000 at our Remembering Our Children Event to the children of our fallen Vermont Police Officers at our 5K and Family Fun Run.
  • ​Gifted $1,000 to Vermont State Trooper Dan Marcellus and collected an additional $440 in donations.

​Total gift distributions for 2016 was $5,442.60.


In 2017, the Michael Zemanek Memorial Foundation, Inc.:

  • ​Gifted a police officer $1,135.20 who needed care at Brattleboro Retreat. 
  • Gifted a police officer $1,986.60 who needed care at Brattleboro Retreat. 
  • Gifted Trooper Dan Marcellus & Jessica Marcellus $1,143.00​.    

  Total gift distributions for 2017 was $4,264.80

"After a serious cancer diagnosis, the Michael Zemanek Memorial Foundation, Inc. stepped in and helped me out when I needed it most. BOOM!"    

Officer William Brislin, Barre City Police Department 08/08/15

​"In September of 2014 I was diagnosed with ... cancer.  In the fall of 2014 I received a financial contribution from the Michael Zemanek Memorial Foundation, Inc. in the amount of $1,000.00.  Shortly before my diagnosis I was working as a Vermont State Trooper, stationed out of the Middlesex barracks, located in Washington County; the same county that Officer Michael Zemanek kept safe.  I was out of work for approximately five months and received a level of support I didn't know family and I knew we were not in the fight alone and that my brothers and sisters in blue were there for me.  We went through tough days but knowing that there were people there for my family and me, gave us a level of comfort that helped win the fight.  I was declared cancer free in January of 2015.  Thank you on behalf of my family and me."

Excerpts from a letter written by Trooper Ben Barton, Vermont State Police.

​Deputy Sergeant Jason Allen

Corporal Dan Marcellus

Officer William Brislin

​Trooper Kyle Young

In 2014, the Michael Zemanek Memorial Foudation, Inc:

  • Gifted $1,000 to a Barre City Police Officer who was valiantly fighting cancer.
  • Gifted $1,000 to a Vermont State Trooper who is valiantly fighting cancer.
  • Gifted $1,000 to two half-orphaned children of a Rutland County Sheriff's Department Sergeant who passed away in 2014.

​Total gift distributions for 2014 was $3,000.

 Total gifts distributed to date:  $20,580.00

"Strength of body & mind"